Letter from our President Kathy Catani

This is the building year that will lift us as a group more than any since the club began. It started as a dream which became a treasure. Our treasure has a core that is precious, a history of friends working together with common interests and genuine care for one another. The garden is the guiding star, the icing on the cake, and the glue that holds us together.

The last year has challenged us in so many ways. Health concerns for family and friends, Covid quarantines, and government unrest are all a backdrop for what we are doing here. A new Library building will set the stage for a garden which is a blank slate for our creative designs. We will give that building a warmth of belonging and a link to our community, making the building not just used but also loved.

We are a vibrant, capable group, full of caring. This year we will focus on bringing in and nurturing new members in a new garden. This is a place of pride in what has gone before. Building on that, with a reenergized website, we will share our knowledge. We will create a sense of peace for all who enter our new garden, ensuring our legacy in this community for generations to come.

Kathy Catani